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Communication during the war in Holland.
An OD transmitter
Network group Zwaantje in Delfzijl.
Network group Orde Dienst
Radiogroup Packard
Network Group Packard
Group named Leopold Vindictif, Zwolle
The "AC" transmitter, Bilthoven.
WT Operator Willem Tuinman, AC transmitter Bilthoven.
Network round the "AC" transmitter, Bilthoven.
The wireless set of Mr. Lokven, Amsterdam
Dropped WT material in Holland
Used frequencies in Holland
SOE frequencies for Holland
Active transmitters in Holland.
Active radiolinks in 1940 from Holland.
The Windmill circuit.
Active radiolinks in 1941 from Holland.
The Zebra circuit, Hans Zomer
The Rover circuit, Willem van der Reijden.
Active radiolinks in 1942  from Holland.
The Catarrh circuit, Huub Louwers..
The Trumpet-Minor circuit, Han Jordaan.
Active radiolinks in 1943  from Holland.
Active radiolinks in 1944  from Holland.
Active radiolinks in 1945  from Holland.
The SOE A MkI wireless set
The SOE B2 wireless set.
SOE B2 transmitter part.
SOE B2 transmitter pictures.
SOE B2 receiver part.
SOE B2 receiver IF part
SOE B2 receiver pictures
SOE B2 Power Pack
SOE B2 Power Pack pictures.
SOE B2 manual
SOE radioprocedures
SOE HS8-1004 radiolinks with Holland.
Parlementair Enquet Commission 1946
SOE transmission plan.
The wireless operator.
The radio Security Service
A Radio Security Service story.
USAAF Voice Interceptors.
Map of the German airdefence.
German airfields in Holland
Flak positions in Holland.
German radarstations in Holland
German searchlights in Holland
Report by Ton van Schendel, OD radioservice.
Wireless operator in France.
Louis d'Aulnis aka SPIJKER, BI WT Operator.
Hams as WT Operators in Holland.
Report written by Leo about the BI WT Ops in Eastern Holland
Direction Finding (DF-ing)
HS7-33 SOE Signals (Holland).
HS7-42 SOE Signals History
A Polish WT set?
A WWII antenne found?
Personal File Index
Parlementair Enquet Commission 1946
Personal File Index
Radiolinks according to Lou de Jong.
Sovjet espionage in German occupied Europe.
Allied agents codes and Referat 12
Radiolinks according to Lou de Jong.
List of TICOM Reports.
File HW34/2 'The Funkabwehr'
Publication in ham radiomagazine Electron
Destruction of spysets after the war.